Huntington Beach Civil War Days

The Great Battle of Central Park - Living Civil War History in Huntington Beach, California

"It is great that war should be so terrible or we should grow too fond of it." - Gen. Robert E. Lee

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Al Schapiro
60 years old
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56 years old
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Barnet Rawitch
72 years old
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Photographer in Orange County

Bowie Knife

Bruce Carver Armory Band Leader
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Civil War Days
Site Owner
29 years old
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Civil War Days 2011
73 years old

Civil War Educational Displays
77 years old
About Me

Steve & Debbie Pavich have enjoyed  Civil War Reenacting since 1999.  Steve progressed thru the ranks of Private to First Sergeant in The Union Army while Debbie developed her persona as a "Civilan" who set up her own camp and assisted Union Soldiers by wrapping their wounds as the battles past through the countryside.  In recent years, Steve & Debbie have collected a large array of Civil War artifacts (original & reproduction) including weapons, swords, knives, leather's, uniforms, dresses and other accouterments (even a small working canon) of the period 1861 - 1865.  This extensive collection has been on display at most of the Civil War Reenactment Sites in Southern California and at a number of public and privte schools.  For more information email:  [email protected]


Dan Dawes
74 years old

Dan Lookabill
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Gun Sergeant, Richmond Howitzer Battalion.

Dave Purchase
66 years old
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About Me

Dick Sartor
About Me

I like to fish, play with toy trains. I am relocating to Huntington Beach soon and I started my life at 2 years old in Virginia so this is a true fit for me. Long Live the CSA. More to come

As a member now of the 2nd Ky. Cav. here in Ca. I will be at any event my old body will permit, and for sure Huntington Beach.

69 years old
About Me

Published photographer, author, artist and all round good guy. You may want photography services between events of your activities in preparation for the reeactments.

Contact me at [email protected] for further information.

Donavan (

Donna Wilson
About Me

Hi i'm Donna Wilson i'm a single mom from Iowa i have a fulltime job and also have created a parenting website online for single moms like me. xx

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